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10 Interview Questions for an Office Assistant and Some Sample Answers

10 Interview Questions for an Office Assistant and Some Sample Answers

Office assistants, who are also called administrative assistants, are employees who do things like enter data, manage appointments and calendars using spreadsheet software like Microsoft Office, and make reports. When you go in for an interview for a job as an office assistant, the person interviewing you will probably ask about these skills and other parts of your background and work history. Questions for an Office Assistant

This article will show you how to answer the most common interview questions for administrative assistants.

Common office assistant interview questions

Here are some common questions you might be asked at an interview for an office assistant job, along with examples of how to answer them:

1. Tell us about what you do as a secretary.

This is usually the first thing interviewers ask. The point of the question is to learn more about you, so when you’re asked it, talk about your past accomplishments, skills, and work experience, as well as your current situation and how it fits with the needs of the administrative position.

You could talk about the things you’ve done at work to show that you care about it. This question also gives the employer a chance to find out more about you and how you will fit in as their assistant.

Example: “I grew up in a small town in Michigan, where I went to high school and graduated with honors. Then I moved to New York to go to college at NYU, where I am working on my associate’s degree in business administration. I just finished an internship at a local finance company as an office assistant. I feel like I really got better at being organized, managing data, and helping customers during that time.

2.What do you know about what we do?

Before the interview, you should have done more research on the company you wanted to work for. You should be ready for this question by knowing what the company offers its customers, what its core values are, and how it offers its goods or services. When asked this question, you should tell the interviewer what you think the company’s mission is and how your values match up with those of the company. Employers like it when employees care about the goals and values of the company.

“I know what Save Financial offers its customers, and I’m interested in the company because I think its values, like helping families and retirees get secure financial aid and making sure customers are happy, are the same as mine.”

3.Why do you want to be this company’s office manager?

This is another common question that you might be asked at your interview. The person interviewing you wants to know how interested you are in the job and the work. Be ready to answer this question by connecting what the company does and why to your current or future career goals and your own core values. This will show the interviewer that you care about your career in general and also about your career in this job.

Example: “I put administrative tasks like keeping schedules in order, helping with data entry, and talking to customers at the top of my list and give them a lot of importance. I’ve always loved helping people stay organized and giving them financial help, and I think Save Financial feels the same way. I think this is a good reason for hiring me as an administrative assistant.”

4. What kinds of administrative work have you done in the past?

Most likely, the interviewer will ask this question to find out more about the duties and skills you listed on your resume. This helps the hiring manager decide if you are a good fit for the administrative job you are interviewing for and how you would fit in. This is also a chance to highlight your work experience on your resume. One way to answer this question is as follows.

Example: “I was the first person customers met at Time Wise Financials, both in person and over the phone, because I was the administrative assistant. I was in charge of the main office phone line and five other lines for the company’s vice principals. I was also in charge of setting up business trips and conferences for my vice principals and helping them make presentations using PowerPoint and Apple Keynote.

5. What are your best traits, and how do they help you do your job as an administrative assistant?

If the interviewer asks you this question, you should tell the truth. Think of one to three strengths that you think show how skilled and professional you are.

Example: “I think that being able to talk to people and organize things are my best professional skills. In my last job at Save Financial, I was in charge of the company’s email account and made sure that team members got weekly updates. I helped keep the team organized and on track with these email updates, and everyone thought they were so helpful that they were added to the daily tasks of the assistants. If I got the job, I would use these skills to help the company be more productive.

6. How do you set up administrative schedules for each day?

The main reason the interviewer might ask you this question is to see if your organizational and administrative skills are a good fit for the job. Your answer will also show the employer how you might handle administrative tasks, like keeping track of multiple schedules and appointments, and whether you can do your daily tasks well and on time.

“As an office assistant, one of my most important jobs is to keep things in order. When I wake up, the first thing I do is write down everything I need to do that day. Then I look at my schedule to see if I have any appointments, meetings, or other plans. I’m always taking calls and checking my email to see if there are any new tasks I need to do so I can get back to them.

7. Have you ever used a computer?

Interviewers ask this question to find out what kind of computer skills you have and if your level of computer skills matches what the company wants and needs in an office assistant. Employers can also use this kind of question to see if you’re up to the challenge of learning new office software. As part of your preparation and research on the company, you might want to find out what programs they use before your interview. This will make it easier for you to show how your skills fit with the job.

Example: “I think I know enough about computers to work in office administration. I used Microsoft Office every day at my last job, and every week I updated the company website, so I also know how to use WordPress. I usually find the answers to my questions about how to use a new computer program by doing a quick search on the Internet. But I also like to learn from the people I work with.”

8. How will your office work skills help our group?

Administrative assistants do not have small jobs. Tell employers how you plan to help them succeed to show them that you can make a big difference. Administrative assistants have a lot to do, and their employers value their contributions to a team a lot. Show the interviewer how you plan to help the company grow and get better in your answer.

Example: “I’m sure I can keep everyone organized and on track so we can all reach our goals. I also think that if the team leader takes care of most of the administrative tasks, the team members can better divide their time and work faster.

9.As an office assistant, tell me about a time when a client or customer was mad at you. How did you handle the situation?

This is a question an interviewer might ask to see how you deal with hard or stressful situations. Be honest in your answer and talk about how you felt and what you did. In the same way, you can answer this question by talking about how you would handle a stressful situation at work, even if you have never solved a conflict at work before.

Example: “When I worked as an office assistant at Save Financial, a very angry customer once called. The customer was upset and stressed out because something strange had been charged to their credit card. I didn’t stop them even though the customer was yelling at me. Instead, I thought about how worried and scared they must be to be acting like that.

After letting the customer know that I understood how they felt, I asked for their membership information and kept looking into the problem. The customer didn’t remember that they had to pay for their membership on a certain date. Once we figured out what was wrong, the customer was calm and said he was sorry. We ended our conversation by talking about the weather and my three-month-old puppy. I always try to be patient and kind with my clients because I want the same from myself.

10.Have any questions about what an office assistant does?

If this question comes up during your interview, use it to your advantage. Ask questions that will help you figure out if the company is a good fit for you, just like the interviewer is trying to figure out if you are a good fit for the company. Here are some questions you could ask the person interviewing you.

Example: “Can you tell me more about what an office assistant does and has to do every day? What do you want the people in charge of your office to do? How do you know if you’ve done well and what you’ve done? What made the last person who worked in the office quit? Does the company offer opportunities for ongoing training or professional growth that would help me improve my administrative skills?”

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