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34 Interview Questions for a Contract Administrator (With Answer Examples)

34 Interview Questions for a Contract Administrator (With Answer Examples)

Contract administrators often have a big impact on how much money businesses and organizations make and how they grow. This is because they help businesses by reading and negotiating contracts. During an interview for a job as a contract administrator, it can help to talk about your ability to analyze and negotiate. This can help you get the job by showing the employer that you are qualified for it. This article has a list of more than 30 interview questions for the job of contract administrator, as well as some sample answers to help you prepare.

General contract administrator interview questions

Here are some general questions an interviewer might ask about the job of contract administrator:

  • Why did you choose to do business with contracts?
  • Why do you want to work at this company?
  • Why are you quitting your current job?
  • In this job, what kinds of problems do you hope to face?
  • How do you choose the first thing to do?
  • Do you have a way to organize both online and offline information?
  • How do you stay calm when things aren’t going well?
  • How well do you work with other people?
  • What are some great things that you can do?
  • What do you want to accomplish at work?

Questions about your past and present

Here are some questions about who you are and what you’ve done as a contract administrator:

  • How good do you think you are at making deals?
  • Has a client ever broken an agreement? What did you say?
  • Tell me about a time you were the one in charge.
  • How do you remember important dates?
  • How have you gotten better at your job as a contract administrator?
  • How would you rate your ability to use a computer?
  • What are some ways that you keep up with the laws and rules?
  • How can you tell when a contract has been changed?
  • Have you ever had to keep track of the money spent on a contract?
  • How do you feel about talking about things like money that are touchy?

In-depth questions

Here are some detailed questions about the job that an interviewer might ask:

  • How well do you know the rules and laws that govern our business field?
  • What do you use to write the terms of use for a contract?
  • How would you look for a file or contract if you didn’t know what it was called?
  • How do you deal with a lot of information?
  • How do you keep track of all the updates and changes to a contract?
  • How can you make sure that both parties follow the terms of a contract?
  • What ideas do you have to make this contract better or change it?
  • How do you make sure that contracts and agreements are kept secret?
  • What do you do to make sure contracts are correct?
  • What are some of the most important traits a contract administrator can have?

Examples of how to answer the questions

Here is a list of four interview questions for a contract administrator, along with some sample answers to help you get ready:

Have you ever seen a mistake on a contract that a business has been using for a long time? How did you handle it?

An employer might ask you this question to find out how good you are at analyzing things and how well you can explain hard things to managers or company executives. When answering this question, it can help to tell the interviewer how you found the mistake, what you did to let people know about it, and how your actions helped the company.

Here’s an example: “When I worked for my last company, I saw a mistake in a contract they sent to a client about how much the client should pay the company. But the client didn’t notice and was paying a lot more than the contract said because that’s what he and the company had agreed on over the phone. I told the company right away, and they called the client and sent over new documents right away.

At first, the client didn’t want to sign the new contract. However, when the company offered a discount on the original price, the client gave in and signed. Overall, the company lost a little money, but not nearly as much as they could have lost if I hadn’t found the mistake.”

Tell me about a time when it was hard for you to tell a coworker something important about a contract.

This question gives you a chance to show how well you can communicate and talk about contracts with people who may be familiar with contract terms or language.

Here’s an example: “We once had a contract with a client that we could have broken in more than one way if we hadn’t been careful. When the contract was first made, I had to talk with several managers and coworkers for a long time about how they could keep from breaking the contract and making the company pay extra fees or fines.

Some of the words I used in my contract were hard for them to understand, but I took the time to explain anything they didn’t understand and answer their questions. In the end, it helped everyone understand the contract a little better and made sure we didn’t make any costly mistakes.”

Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn’t reach a deal? What did you say?

A big part of the job of a contract administrator is to negotiate. But sometimes they might find themselves in a stalemate with another party or company, which means that it’s hard for both sides to find a good solution. Employers might want to know how you used your negotiation skills to make things better and break the deadlock.

Here’s an example: “When I worked for my last company, we had a client who wanted to pay a certain amount for our services, but the company wouldn’t go any lower. I first talked to the company in private to see what they were willing to do, but they told me that the price was already lower than what most other companies in the area were offering.

So, I met with the client and told them the same thing. I also made a deal with them: if they could find a lower price than the one we were offering, we’d match it, but if they couldn’t, they should think again about our final price offer. In the end, they agreed to what we said.”

Have you ever made a mistake on a business document that hurt the business?

When answering this question, it can help to talk about a specific time when you made a mistake but fixed it or learned something important that you now use in your job as a contract administrator. This can show employers that even if you make a mistake, you know how to deal with it and find a quick solution.

Here’s an example: “When I first started working as a contract administrator, I wrote a clause into a contract that let the client cancel our services at any time. In the end, our company was able to get rid of that clause from the contract, but I forgot to take it out before both sides signed it. When I found out about the mistake, I told my bosses right away and apologized a lot.

Everything worked out in the end because the client was very understanding and signed a new contract with the new clause. But I’ve definitely learned how to better organize contract drafts and keep them up to date.”

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