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35 Questions for an Oracle DBA to Ask at an Interview (With Sample Answers)

35 Questions for an Oracle DBA to Ask at an Interview (With Sample Answers)

Oracle database administrators are needed by companies that use the Oracle database management system (DBA). During the day, they help businesses by updating Oracle’s software, checking its security features, and making structures for storing database information. If you want to be an Oracle DBA, you should know what their main jobs are and what questions employers may ask during the interview. This article has three lists of general to in-depth Oracle DBA interview questions, as well as a list of questions with sample answers to use as a guide.35 Questions for an Oracle DBA to Ask

General Oracle DBA questions

Here are some general questions you might be asked at an Oracle DBA job interview:

  1. What does an Oracle database look like?
  2. What are the main things an organization needs an Oracle DBA to do?
  3. What do you want to do as an Oracle DBA?
  4. What about your job would you miss if you left it?
  5. What are your best traits as an Oracle DBA?
  6. When you’re not working, what do you like to do?
  7. What can we expect from you as an Oracle DBA in your first three months?
  8. What were your last job’s main goals, and how did you help them?
  9. What kind of work environment do you like best?
  10. Why are you interested in joining our group?

Questions about work and history from the past

Here are some questions an interviewer might ask you about your background and past work:

  1. How long have you worked for Oracle as a Database Administrator?
  2. How has your experience as an Oracle DBA prepared you for this job?
  3. What do you know the most about when it comes to Oracle databases?
  4. How do files with data work?
  5. How do control files do their jobs?
  6. What are the visible parts of an Oracle database?
  7. Who is in charge of making sure indexes are up-to-date in an organization?
  8. How are an Oracle DBA and an Oracle developer different?
  9. How is the Oracle database used in different projects?
  10. What are the different kinds of databases?

In-depth questions

Here are some more specific questions about an Oracle DBA’s job:

  1. Who can use SQL Plus?
  2. What kinds of jobs does SQL Plus do?
  3. What would you put in the SQL script if you wanted to use it to make a database?
  4. Explain what a Synonym is in terms of Oracle.
  5. How do you move rows?
  6. What’s the difference between an Oracle database and an Oracle instance?
  7. What is a link to a database, and how do I make one?
  8. How do you recover a database if you lost a control file?
  9. What do you do if you lose all of a database’s control files?
  10. What causes a Physical Block Corruption?

Sample answers to questions asked at the Oracle DBA interview

Here are some Oracle DBA interview questions and some sample answers:

1. Tell me about what you did as an Oracle DBA for your last job.

The interviewer can use this question to find out how well you know the Oracle DBA job and what its main duties are. When answering this question, it helps to talk about what you did as a DBA and how you helped your old employer reach their goals. Using specific details and language can help the interviewer understand what skills you can bring to the job and how you can help their team.

Example: “I had to do a lot of things at my last job to make sure the Oracle database worked well. Some of these jobs were to regularly update the Oracle software, change how the database was set up, and create user accounts. My boss also asked me to teach the system to anyone who had questions and make sure they knew how to use it. I did what I could to help my coworkers so that our team could do well.”

2. Let’s say you have a problem you don’t know how to solve. How would you deal with this?

When a job interviewer asks you this question, it shows how well you can solve problems and how much you know about technology. When answering the question, it helps to use a real-life example to show how you found the problem and what steps you took to solve it.

Example: “Someone at work once told me that our Oracle system was broken. I looked at the bug for a while to see if there was a simple way to fix it. I tried for a while to figure out what was wrong on my own, but I couldn’t. So, I told the problem to another IT expert at the company. They helped me figure out what was wrong. From there, I could go into Oracle’s system and fix the problem by going into the application.”

Have you ever had a coworker tell you they didn’t agree with a decision you made? What did you say?

Any company or business will do better if its employees work well together and make a strong team. This is a question that interviewers might ask to find out how you deal with disagreements at work. Try to think of a specific time when a coworker didn’t agree with what you did and how you solved the problem through good communication and working together.

Example: “One of my coworkers didn’t like how I taught new Oracle users when I worked for a company with more than one Oracle DBA. He thought I wasn’t giving them enough information about the system to help them understand it. I didn’t agree with him at first, but I decided to ask my trainees for advice and feedback on the training. Even after I was done teaching them, most of them still didn’t feel ready to use the system. I took another look at my training plan and thanked my coworkers for their suggestions.”

4. Tell me about a time you had to step up and lead a group or team of other IT professionals.

As an Oracle DBA, you may have to work with a team of other IT professionals or employees from other departments. Some employers want to know if you are a good leader and if you can get along well with your team.

Example: “A lot of new employees and Oracle users joined my old company all at once on a big hiring day. During that time, I had to show other IT professionals who weren’t Oracle experts how to train new team members. At first, it was hard because I had to teach them hard and new things very quickly. But it got a lot easier once I figured out how to talk to and work with them best.”

5. What is the best thing you’ve done as an Oracle DBA?

This question gives the interviewer a chance to find out more about your past jobs and your most important professional achievements. When answering this question, it’s best to stay humble and talk about coworkers or mentors who worked with you and helped you succeed.

Example: “When I worked for my last boss, the company started to change some of the ways it did things inside. I had the chance to change the whole company’s database structures to meet their new needs and wants. I worked hard with the other people on my Oracle team to make sure that the company’s Oracle database was fixed and running well before the changes were made. Everyone was happy with how things worked out in the end.”

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