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A common interview question is, “What can you give us that no one else can?”

A common interview question is, “What can you give us that no one else can?”

It helps to know what kinds of questions you might be asked during a job interview. Some employers want to know what you can do for them to see if you are qualified for a job. If you know how to answer this question, you’ll be able to talk with confidence about your special skills and qualifications. This article gives examples of how to answer the interview question, “What can you give us that someone else can’t?” “What can you give us that no one else can?”

Why do employers ask, “What do you have that no one else does?”

During an interview, employers often ask this question to find out more about your unique qualities, skills, and experiences. Employers often want to narrow down the list of applicants to only those who have the right skills and qualifications. By finding out what you think sets you apart from other candidates, a company can decide if you add more value and are a better fit for the job, the company culture, and the job goals. This can help make sure that hiring a new employee is a good idea.

How to answer the question, “What do you have that no one else does?”

You may need to be sure of yourself and know a lot about your skills and qualifications to answer this interview question. Here are some things you can do to answer this question well:

1. Before your interview, think of some answers to questions that might be asked.

Think about this question and come up with some answers before you go to an interview. If you say your answers out loud, you can feel more sure of yourself when you answer. If you know the information before the interview, it may be easier for you to remember it. Think about writing down a few different answers and reading them out loud to see which one works best. You can also ask family or friends to listen to your answers and tell you what they think.

2. Think about what you’re good at.

With this question, a potential employer can find out about your special skills and strengths. So, work on what you’re good at. Think about what you’re good at in your field or what your coworkers, managers, or clients have said about you in the past. You might be a good candidate for the job if you have these qualities. They could also help you stand out from the other applicants. For example, if two people apply for the same manager job, the employer might choose the one who has experience leading larger teams and getting people to work together and grow.

3. Make sure the answer you give for each job is different.

When you’re interviewing for a job, it’s a good idea to make your answers fit the company’s needs. Read the job description again before your interview to make sure you really know what the company wants in a new employee. Reviewing this information can help you figure out what to say and how to relate it to the company, which could make you look better to the interviewer. For example, if a company needs to hire a new marketing director, you could talk about how your unique marketing experience and skills can help.

4. Talk about what you’ve done or what you’ve learned in the past.

The experience and training a candidate has can help them stand out. Employers may want you to have a certain amount of experience, education, or training for some jobs, especially leadership jobs. When you answer the question, think about where you’ve worked and what you’ve learned. You might have more experience than the average candidate or a master’s degree when most people in your field only have a bachelor’s degree. Connect these experiences and qualifications to your answer, focusing on how they make you a better candidate and the best fit for the job.

5. Know what you’re talking about.

Confidence is important at an interview because it shows that you believe in yourself and helps the employer believe what you say. Employers sometimes decide whether or not to hire someone based on how confident they seem. Try to stand up straight, talk with confidence, and go over your answer over and over again. You can also show your potential employer that you are qualified and sure of yourself by getting to your interview early, answering all of their questions, and giving them honest, helpful answers.

Answers to the question, “What can you give us that nobody else can?”

Here are some ways to answer the question, “What can you give us that no one else can?”

Example 1

I have a master’s degree in business management and a unique mix of management and leadership experience. As a leader and a consultant, I’ve worked with a number of organizations to bring about positive change, increase productivity, and improve business operations through mentoring and professional coaching. I am committed to quality because I have more than 30 happy customers, 10 years of management and company leadership experience, and a “Commitment to Excellence in Leadership” award from my previous employer.

Example 2

I’ve worked as a developer, a team leader, and a graphic designer for more than eight years. I also have a creative, one-of-a-kind way of making things. I’ve made hundreds of websites and graphics, built two apps on my own, and helped make seven apps that are used by more than a million people every year. I can write code in four different languages, and I’m good at using three different design programs. I’ve also worked with many different types of people over the course of my career, so I know how to work with others and solve problems as a group.

Example 3

I can offer your company a dedicated, passionate, and qualified candidate with six years of experience in retail management and a passion for working with people. I’ve worked at three different stores, and I was in charge of two of them. I’m also going to school to learn how to run a business. I’m interested in this job because I’m ambitious and want to do a good job. I want to work my way up to becoming a district manager someday. I do everything to the best of my ability and pay attention to quality, professionalism, and being on time.

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