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“Are you having interviews with other companies?”

“Are you having interviews with other companies?”

Interviewers ask candidates a variety of questions to see if they are a good fit for a job. When an interviewer asks if you’re meeting with other companies, they can find out if you’re a competitive candidate with other job options. If you know how to answer this kind of interview question, you can be honest and give a good answer.

In this article, we’ll talk about why employers ask if you’re interviewing with other companies, how to answer this question in four steps, and give you some sample answers to help you plan your own.

Why do employers ask, “Are you also interviewing with other companies?”

Employers may ask job candidates if they are interviewing with other companies to see if they are a good fit for the job. If you have interviews with other companies, an employer might think you have the right skills or qualifications for the job and be more willing to move quickly with the hiring process.

Some employers want to know if their applicants are interviewing with their competitors and if their competitors are getting better people. Employers might also ask this to find out what kind of job you want.

How to answer “Are you interviewing with other companies?”

Here are some ways to answer a question about previous job interviews:

1. Be honest with the interviewer.

One of the most important things to remember during an interview is that being honest can help you build trust with a possible employer. Employers usually want to hire honest people, so if your interviewer asks about other interviews, try to be honest.

If you aren’t interviewing with other companies right now, you can talk about interviews you’ve had with other companies in the past or say that the interviewer’s company was your first choice. Being honest during the interview can help you get the job you want and set you up for success once you have it.

2. Tell the company why you want to work for them.

Telling the interviewer why you want to work for them and why they’re your top choice might make them like you more and help them understand why you’re not interviewing anywhere else. If you have other options, telling the interviewer why you want to work for their company may make them think you are a good candidate that other companies want to hire.

If qualified, desirable candidates show interest in the company, the employer may want to hire them before their competitors do. For instance, you could talk about what you like about the company’s culture or values and how your own traits are similar to those of the company.

3. In your answer, give general information.

Employers usually don’t want candidates to name the other companies where they’re interviewing, but if they ask, you can give them some general information.

For example, if you have three interviews with the company’s three biggest competitors, you could say that you are interviewing with similar businesses in the same industry to avoid talking about each company in detail. General information gives the interviewer enough background without giving away details that could hurt your chances in other interviews.

4. Let people know what you’re looking for in your next job.

After you tell your interviewer that you are also interviewing somewhere else, you can talk about what you want in your next job. Telling an employer what you want to do and what you hope to get out of a job can help them decide if you’re a good fit for their company and see if its competitors can meet your expectations.

If you change the focus of your interviews from where else you’re looking for work to what you want from your next job, you can get more attention on the role and why you’re applying for it.

How to respond

Here are some examples of how to answer questions in an interview about other jobs or interviews.

Example 1: I’m looking for a job right now

“I have three more interviews set up with companies that work in the same field. Online reviews say that this company has a great track record for customer service, low employee turnover, and high satisfaction among employees. It was my first choice because of this. I also know that the company has a friendly, diverse culture, which I think I’d fit in well with. For this job, the other places I’m interviewing don’t offer as many benefits or have as diverse a company culture as yours does.”

Example 2: I’m not looking for work at the moment

“I am not interviewing with any other companies right now because I want to work hard to get a job with yours. I think this company has the best benefits, wages, and company culture in the industry based on what I’ve learned. I think I’d be good at this job because it’s more specialized than the others and requires more education. I have the qualifications you need for your job, and I think we can meet each other’s needs and work well together.”

Example 3: Changing places of business

“Right now, this is my top choice, so I’m not interviewing with any other companies in the same field. I don’t have much experience in the field, so I’d like to find an entry-level job with a strong, well-known company that will help me grow. I didn’t schedule any more interviews with companies I didn’t know because I hope my skills and experience match what you’re looking for. My friend who works in the accounting department told me about this job because of my skills and the company’s needs.”

Example 4: Meeting with a competitor to talk business

“I’m in the middle of an interview for a similar job in the same field with another company. The job I applied for there is my second choice because your company has a better reputation in the industry and I’d be proud to work for you. The last person I interviewed with offered me a job with their company, so I don’t think I’ll need to interview anywhere else. If you don’t have a job for me at your company, I might take the other one. I want to help the company grow by using my business skills, and I think the position at your company is the best way for me to do that.”

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