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Common questions asked at job interviews for web developers (With Example Answers)

Common questions asked at job interviews for web developers (With Example Answers)

Most of the time, an interview is the last step in getting a job as a web developer. By giving convincing, well-thought-out answers to the interviewer’s questions, you can show that you know about web development and would be an asset to any business. This article will teach you how to answer some of the most common questions asked of web developers during job interviews.

What to expect at a web developer job interview

Web development has become more important in the business world because the internet can power so many things. Web development can involve things like making a company’s website with a CMS editor, where all the features are already there and can be changed to fit the company’s brand. It can also be something as unique as building a database infrastructure to support online product sales. Web development is the process of making web apps, their user interfaces, and the functions that make the apps work.

So, you can expect to be asked a variety of web developer interview questions that test your technical knowledge of tasks like frontend development, backend development, full-stack development, and entry-level development knowledge. Web developer interview questions will probably also be about your work habits, such as how you handle deadlines. There may also be personal questions about yourself and questions about what motivates you as a web developer.

We’ll talk about technical questions in the next section and show you how to answer them so you can get the job. So, before you go to your web developer interview, you should look over how to answer other common interview questions.

Typical questions asked at job interviews for web developers

The purpose of these questions is to see how much you know about web development, how well you can solve problems, and how well you fit in with the company. In an interview, don’t just give one answer to a question about web development. Instead, think about how your answer can show how smart and valuable you are to a potential new employer.

To help you do this, some of these questions use the STAR method for answering interview questions. Situation, task, action, and result are what STAR stands for. It gives you a chance to show off your skills and experience by showing how you helped solve a problem.

  • Tell us about the best project you’ve ever worked on and how you did it.
  • How can you make sure that your websites and apps can be used?
  • What would you do to fix a website that loads slowly?
  • What did you like and what would you change about the way you were developed at your last job?
  • What is your favorite programming language, and why?
  • Tell us about the best project you’ve ever worked on and how you did it.

How you answer this question shows what kinds of jobs you might be interested in and what skills you have for doing them. Tell people more about your skills than what’s on your resume.

When you talk about development methods, you can show that you have some technical knowledge. When you talk about your own experience, you can show that you might have a more advanced understanding of development principles. You can use the STAR method to answer interview questions when you are asked to tell a story about an experience.

“My favorite project was making a website for a clothing store’s customer loyalty program. It was fun to talk to the client about what they wanted the app to do and then make it happen. The challenge was to make a website that most women in their 20s and 30s would like because it was fun and easy to use.

As the user experience designer on the project, I used these UX design research methods to make a wireframe: I interviewed stakeholders, made a product strategy, interviewed end users, and used their answers to shape the layout of the user interface. By doing this, my team was able to finish the first draft of the website quickly. It had many useful features that people still use today.

How can you make sure that your websites and apps can be used?

Businesses care a lot about how their customers feel. The way a website makes its visitors feel affects not only how likely they are to return, but also how well it ranks in search engines. Because of this, a lot of big companies want to make sure their website visitors have a good time. Customer service is one of the most important parts of running a successful business, and for digital businesses, the website is often the only way customers can interact with the product.

User interface design is all about making simple, easy-to-use websites. This is done in part by figuring out what needs to be done and in part by testing to make sure the UX is good.

“I know that people use many different browsers and devices to access the Internet, so I do thorough testing to make sure that the end-user experience is always the same.” I also use tools like screen-reading software to make sure that every project I work on is accessible. During the planning stages of a sprint, I make sure to get requirements from both stakeholders and end users. This makes sure that the needs of both the company and the user are met.”

What would you do to fix a website that loads slowly?

When you answer this question, you can show that you know a number of ways to make pages load faster. Because your interviewer might not know as much about web development as you do, you should explain them in simple terms.

Example: “I would clean up the code so the page doesn’t have to work harder than it needs to. I would also compress and reduce the size of any pictures or videos so they are still clear but load faster. If I could, I’d make the CSS, JavaScript, and HTML code as small as possible and cut down on the number of external HTTP requests. I would also put JavaScript at the bottom of the page if it wasn’t there already. I would use HTML caching to make things move even faster.”

What did you like and what would you change about the way you were developed at your last job?

This question is meant to find out if the way you like to work is similar to the way your potential new boss likes to work. It’s hard to know how an employer works, so give honest answers based on your experiences and hope they match what the interviewer is looking for.

With this question, you can also show that you can think critically. When you are asked to think critically about how your old employer did things, remember to be polite and keep things positive.

Example: “The waterfall method was used by my old boss. I liked that we finished each step before moving on to the next one. It keeps me focused on the task at hand instead of making me think about what I did before. But when I work on new projects, I sometimes get new ideas that could help me improve the work I’ve already turned in. It would be great to go back in time and fix things. In an Agile sprint, there are a lot more chances to do so.”

How do you like to write code the most, and why?

Talk about a few programming languages you know to show how much you know. Then talk about the one you like best and why. Mentioning a new language shows that you are interested in IT and are trying to keep up.

“I really like CSS, SQL, Ruby, and JavaScript, but my favorite is Python. Python is easy to learn, has a strong community behind it, and can be used to process big data, which has helped me in my job as a developer for TexCo, a large enterprise company.

As a web developer, I was asked to use Python to make a server-side tool that would interact with the company’s products database to find similar items to the ones that end users already had in their carts. This would be a key back-end resource that, with a little extra coding on the front end, could be used to reach out to customers who have already bought from you. Python was great because it let me talk to the database on the back end and get the right information. Python was responsible for a key piece of code that made it easier for customers to find more products.

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