FAQ: What to Do If a Job You Interviewed for Is Reposted After You.

FAQ: What to Do If a Job You Interviewed for Is Reposted After You.

During the interview process, the person in charge of hiring might take down their job description and re-post it on a website that lists jobs. Employers may decide to repost their ad if they need to hire more people or if they need to change the job requirements, renew the ad before it expires, or add more candidates to the pool. When this happens, you should stay calm and act professionally so you don’t hurt your chances of getting a job offer. FAQ: What to Do If a Job You Interviewed

In this article, we’ll talk about what it could mean if an employer posts a job after you’ve interviewed for it, why they might do that, and what you should do if it happens to you.

What does it mean if a job you interviewed for is posted again after you got it?

If the employer reposts the job listing after you’ve interviewed for it, it could be for a lot of different reasons. Some supervisors may realize after talking to a few candidates that they are looking for a different set of skills than they thought. Some people may re-post their job ads to reach more people and get more applicants.

If the employer hasn’t responded to you after your interview for a long time and just posted the job again, it’s important to stay calm and remind yourself not to take it personally. Most of the time, an employer will post a job listing again because they need to hire more people. This may or may not have anything to do with how well you did in the interview.

Situations where a lot of jobs are posted

There are a lot of reasons why an employer might decide that relisting a job they already posted is the best thing to do. Some of the most common reasons why a job might be posted again are:

Both new and old applicants are looked at by employers.

Some employers may re-post their original job ad to get more people to see it and get more applicants. When this happens, you might want to send your resume again to make sure you’re still in the running for the job.

Most of the time, these ads will say that they will look at applications they have already received, so you won’t have to send in another one. When this happens, most employers will keep your resume on file and get back to you if they still think you’d be a good fit for the job.

In a new job, the pay is higher than before.

If the job you interviewed for has a new posting with a higher salary, it may be because they have reevaluated and changed the requirements. They may now want you to have more advanced skills than they did before. When a salary range is higher, it usually means that the hiring manager is looking for people with more advanced skills, knowledge, or education than the first people who applied.

You see a re-post after your interview.

After talking to you and other candidates, some hiring managers may decide that they need people with a different set of skills or experiences. They may also want people whose personalities fit better with how their team works. If this happens, it could mean that they are looking for a better person to do the job.

The new job ad is different from the first one.

If the new job posting is different from the old one, you might want to send your application materials again. Whether you should reapply or not usually depends on how different the new job is from the old one.

Why companies keep posting jobs

A hiring manager may decide to post the job again if the company’s needs for the role change or if they want to find a candidate who fits their needs better. Many employers post the same job again for the reasons below:

  • After interviewing a few candidates, hiring managers may realize that the tasks they’re asking the candidates to do require more advanced skills and experience. This could cause them to look for someone with more skills or experience.
  • Holding an Equal Employment Opportunity status: Hiring managers who are Equal Employment Opportunity employers usually have to make sure they give all candidates a chance by making their job open to a wide range of candidates.
  • Looking for a wider range of applicants: When there are a lot of applicants, employers have a better chance of finding qualified people who might be a good fit for the job. If not enough people apply for the job, they might keep posting it so that more people see it.
  • Hiring more than one person for the role: Some job titles have so many responsibilities and tasks that hiring managers may realize they need to hire more than one person to get all the work done on time. They might post the job opening more than once to find all of the people they need to fill it.
  • Seeing that the time for the original job ad is almost up: Sometimes a boss will notice that an employee’s job is about to end. This could cause the hiring manager to re-post the original job listing and change the duties, benefits, or other parts to make it more appealing to a wider range of candidates.

What should you do if you interview for a job and then later see it posted again?

When you find out after your interview that a job has been re-posted, it’s important to stay calm and act professionally. If the employer tells the hiring manager about the job a day or two after your interview, try to be patient and give the hiring manager time to get in touch with you. You can contact the employer on your own after a few weeks. Send them an email thanking them for the chance and asking where you stand in the running. You could also call the person who interviewed you and ask nicely if you are still in the running for the job.

Talk about how much you want the job and how much you like it in your phone call or email. You should also give them any other documents that tell them more about your skills, experience, or accomplishments. You can also tell them why you’re a good fit for the job and what you can do to help the company.

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