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How to Do Well at a Case Study Interview

How to Do Well at a Case Study Interview

Companies that offer professional services hire experts from many different fields to help with things like IT and management. For these jobs, you need a certain set of skills and experience, which is often shown through something called a “case study interview.”

In this article, we explain what a case study interview is, how to prepare for one, and give examples of questions and answers from a case study interview.

What is a case study interview?

Case study interviews are a big part of the hiring process at companies that provide professional services. During the interview, you’ll be given a situation with a client and asked to figure out the best way to solve a problem in a certain amount of time.

How to get ready for a case study interview?

If you have reached the interview stage, here are some tips to help you get ready for a case study interview:

1. Find out how interviews for case studies are put together.

A “fit interview,” also called a “case study interview,” is set up like a brief. You will be told about a situation in business. On the other hand, you need to look over the materials and come up with a solution for the interviewer. But there may be other parts of the interview, like slideshow presentations, where you have to explain the importance of each slide, just like you would with a client. So, make sure you’re ready for anything by finding out as much as you can in advance about the company.

2. Find out what a company is looking for in an employee.

Employers look for different skills based on the type of job they are hiring for. A case study interview can show if the person is a good fit for the job.

Employers look for the following skills during a case study interview:

  • Dependability
  • Curiosity
  • Adaptability
  • Confidence
  • a way of thinking that makes sense and is useful
  • Intuition
  • Simple to grasp
  • Analytic mind

3. Think about what questions the interviewer might ask.

To do well in a case study interview, you should think about what kinds of questions the interviewer might ask. If you know the answers to these questions, you can use them to figure out which questions are the most important.

4. Use different use cases and how you answer questions to practice your interview skills.

The best way to get better at interviews and be ready for different situations is to do a lot of practice interviews. Consulting firms have online tools, examples of their work, and case studies that show how they’ve helped clients in the past. Some people write down how they work with their clients, which can help you figure out what to do in a certain situation.

Also, practice an interview with a friend or family member to feel more sure that you can answer any question an interviewer might ask with the right answer. This gives you a chance to practice listening carefully and figure out how to answer a certain question.

Example of a case study interview question and answer

Here are some examples of case study interview questions and possible answers:

Which product would you recommend to help the client’s business grow?

Tip: Look at the slideshow and any other materials that are given before you answer. When giving a speech, think about whether you will be sitting or standing.

“After looking at all of the options, the best product is the AI software platform. AI software can help the client organize their business so they can better serve their customers. The slideshow also says that putting money into technology can make their business 50% more productive in the next two years and 75% more productive in the next ten years. I think the company can make a lot of money in the future if it puts money into an AI software platform.”

Which market should the client go into, and why would doing so help them reach the goals of their strategy?

Tip: If the interviewer gives you a SWOT analysis, look at it again and pay attention to the clues in the question. AI software is a good example.

“AI software is getting better and better, which is a good thing. Based on who the client works with and how big the market is, the company should move into the healthcare market next. In the next 10 years, AI in healthcare is expected to grow a lot, and the results of the SWOT analysis show that the organization could make this move.

How would you tell the client to handle a new competitor in their market?

The point of this question is to make you think quickly. You can ask the interviewer to repeat the question if you need to. You should take the right amount of time to answer the question and make sure you fully understand it.

Example: “This business needs to figure out what makes their product stand out and explain how it helps their customers’ businesses make money. If a competitor isn’t mentioned in a business’s SWOT analysis, that competitor should see this as a chance to help the business grow.

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