How to Dress for a Job Interview in the Winter

How to Dress for a Job Interview in the Winter

What a professional wears to an interview can make a good first impression on the hiring manager. Candidates can show how professional they are, how well-prepared they are, and how well they know the rules of the workplace by dressing well for interviews. When getting ready for an interview, you should think about how the weather will affect what you wear. This article talks about what to wear to a job interview in the winter and gives ideas for what to wear.

Why would you wear a winter outfit to an interview?

Outfits for a winter job interview can help you stay warm and dress for the weather while still looking professional. How the hiring manager and other professionals see you for the first time at an interview can be affected by what you wear. Dressing for the weather can help keep you safe and show how well you can plan and get ready for things.

What to wear to a winter job interview

Consider wearing these things to your interview to stay warm and comfortable while still looking professional:

Put tights on.

If you want to wear a dress to your interview, you might want to wear tights underneath. Most of the time, you should wear tights that are opaque or dark, but you can also look professional in other neutral colors. If you wear tights with a dress, you can look put together and keep warm at the same time.

You can also wear tights with skirts and a sweater or button-up shirt that goes with them.


Velvet is soft and warm, so professionals can wear it to interviews. You can make pants, shirts, and dresses out of this fabric, so you might be able to find a good piece to build your outfit around.


Blazers are professional-looking jackets that can add layers to your outfit. You could pair a blazer with a button-down shirt or blouse. Since many professionals wear blazers to work every day, this piece of clothing can show the hiring manager that you know how to dress for the job.

Long coat

With the right outerwear, you can make your business look even better. You might want to get a nice winter coat to wear to job interviews. Long coats that reach your knees or thighs can look nice with the rest of your interview outfit. It can also keep your clothes dry and clean so they look good for your job interview.


Sweaters are a great way to stay warm without having to wear a lot of layers. Try a sweater with slacks, a skirt, or dress pants for a more put-together look.


A cardigan can be a more comfortable choice than a blazer. This piece of clothing can keep you warm like a sweater and allow you to add layers to your outfit. You might want to wear a fitted cardigan to look neat and professional. Cardigans pair well with:

Dress pants





An interview outfit can look good with a nice pair of boots. Depending on the type of boot, these shoes can go with most outfits for an interview. When you wear boots, you can walk through snow and slush without getting your socks or feet wet. This means that you can wear these shoes to the interview and on the way there.

If you don’t have boots to wear, you might want to bring another pair of shoes that you can switch into when you get to the interview. This lets you wear stylish shoes to your interview, like heels, loafers, or flats, that might not be practical in the winter.

What to wear to a winter job interview

Getting ready for an interview in the winter can be hard because the clothes you need to get to and from work might not be right for the interview. But professionals can avoid this problem by paying attention to what they wear and planning ahead. Here are a few more tips that might help you decide what to wear to a winter job interview:

While you’re sitting down, check your clothes.

Sit down in the clothes you’re thinking about wearing to an interview to see how they feel. Since you will probably spend most of your interview sitting down, it can be important to know if what you are wearing is still appropriate. For example, when you sit down, a skirt or dress may sit higher on your legs, so you can find an outfit that’s comfortable for you.

Try layering.

In the winter, layering your clothes is a good way to be ready for different temperatures. For example, a button-up shirt and a cardigan can help you stay warm on your way to work. If you get too hot, you can take off your cardigan.

Wear gloves

On the way to the interview, you might want to wear gloves. This can help keep your hands warm so that when you shake hands with the interviewer, he or she won’t be surprised by your cold hands.

Look at how it is outside.

Before you decide what to wear for your interview, you should find out what the weather will be like. This can help you decide what to wear and what to bring to your interview. For example, if the weather report says it might snow around the time of your interview, you might want to wear a hat so the snow doesn’t stick to your hair.

If you look at the weather report, you can also find out if it will be hot or cold that day. This can help you choose what kind of coat to wear.

Ask if you can put your coat on a hook.

When you get to the interview, ask if there is a place to hang your coat, hat, or other items. There are often hooks to hang coats in waiting rooms. You can show respect and make a good first impression by asking the receptionist and other office workers for permission to use these.

If there’s nowhere to hang your coat where you’re interviewing, you might want to take it off and lay it on your lap or the back of your chair.

To get there, give yourself more time.

Try to leave yourself more time to get to work or school in case bad weather slows down traffic. Drive or walk slowly in bad weather to keep yourself and others safe.

Bring Kleenex

Because it’s cold in the winter, people often have runny noses. Bring a tissue to your interview so that you can wipe your nose if you need to. Make it a habit to wash your hands so you can stay healthy and clean.

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