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How to get ready for job fairs that you can drive through

How to get ready for job fairs that you can drive through

What is a job fair with a drive-thru?

A drive-thru hiring event is like a non-contact version of an on-site hiring event, where job seekers stay in their cars while one or more companies tell them about available jobs. As a result of COVID-19, many events that used to be face-to-face, like interviews and graduations, have changed to a drive-thru style to meet local rules about gatherings. Many employers have changed how they hire people for the same reason.

Drive-thru hiring events are not a new idea, but because of COVID-19, they have become more popular as a way for employers to meet potential employees and help them practice social distancing. States like Washington, California, Nebraska, Mississippi, and Michigan have held these events. They are a great way for employers to find ready-to-work people.

Different kinds of drive-thru hiring events


Employers hold “on the spot” drive-thru hiring events to interview candidates right there at the event. Job offers are often made on the same day as these events, which can shorten the time you have to wait for a job. You should also plan for the interview to take place in your car. The rules for these events are meant to keep people from getting too close to each other, but as an extra precaution, the CDC suggests wearing a cloth face covering.

“Grab and go”

“Grab and go” is another type of drive-thru hiring event where you can get a bag with one-page documents and brochures that you can look over at home about the company, job openings, and how to apply. You won’t meet hiring managers face-to-face or shake their hands very often, if at all, at these events. You’ll just drive through, roll down your window, and take the bag of resources from a person wearing a mask and gloves. Some “grab and go” drive-through job fairs, like this one in Lincoln, Nebraska, will also tell you where to find free WiFi in your city so you can apply for the jobs online.

How to get ready for a job fair you can drive through

Spend as much time preparing for a drive-thru hiring event as you would for an in-person interview. You will know how well this preparation has helped you by how naturally you answer interview questions and how confidently you present yourself. All of this can be done without leaving your car.

You can do the following things to get ready for a drive-thru hiring event:

1. Read over the event’s description.

Find out what to expect at the drive-thru hiring event by looking at the company’s website or the event description. The event description will have important information like how to RSVP, a full list of roles, salary information, information about medical and dental benefits, company perks, how to apply, and directions to the event. Follow the directions and, if you need to, RSVP early. Find out details like if job offers will be made on the spot or if this is the first interview of a series.

Other important information that could be included is what certifications or technical training you need to do the job. This will help you figure out if it’s right for you or not. Employers may also tell you how to prepare for the interview, what to wear, and what to bring with you.

2. Bring extra copies of your resume.

After reading about the event, look over your resume to make sure that your experience matches the jobs that will be available at the drive-thru hiring event. For example, if you want a certain job, you could change your “Professional Summary” to say that you want that job. Use the information in the event description to help you decide which of your past skills and achievements to highlight. Make sure your resume is up-to-date so it’s easy for the employer to see how your experience fits the job.

Bring at least five copies of your updated resume to the event to give to interviewers or hiring managers, if they will accept them there. Even if you sent in a copy of your resume when you RSVP’d, the location of a drive-thru hiring event means you won’t have much access to the internet. A recent study shows that the coronavirus can live on paper for 3 hours, but you should still be careful and wear gloves when handling application documents and wash your hands after getting materials from an event.

3. Prepare to be interviewed

At a “drive-thru” event, interviews can be shorter than in-person interviews. You should be able to give answers to “Tell me about yourself” that take about two minutes. The purpose of these questions is to see if you are qualified for the job. Questions like “What, if any, certifications do you have?” may come up. or “What makes you a good candidate for the job?”

Since you will spend the whole time in your car, you should wear clothes that are comfortable and right for the occasion. Choose business casual clothes like khaki or dark-colored cotton pants, a polo shirt, or a nice blouse. If you plan to shake hands, you should wear a face mask and gloves to an on-site interview.

4.How to find a drive-thru job fair

These no-contact hiring events are also called drive-thru hiring events, parking lot hiring events, curbside hiring events, and drive-in events. You can find ads for these events in your local newspaper or on TV, or you can look for them online on sites like Eventbrite and Glassdoor.


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