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If I have an interview, should I shave? (With Explanations and Advice)

If I have an interview, should I shave? (With Explanations and Advice)

It’s important to think about how you look when applying for jobs and going on interviews. It can be hard to decide whether or not to keep a beard. If you’re a professional who wants to make a good first impression and get the job, you might want to find out if facial hair is okay at work. This article talks about whether or not you should shave before an interview, why you should shave, and how to make your beard look good if you decide to keep it.

Should I shave if I have an interview?

Fashion at the office changes just like it does in our everyday lives. Beards are a popular look that you can see in public and at work. It’s sometimes a good idea to have a clean-shaven face when going for a job interview. This means that you can’t have a beard, a mustache, sideburns, or any other type of facial hair. This is especially true in groups like the military or some emergency services where there are strict rules about how people should look and dress.

Many companies and fields have less strict rules about what to wear. Before you apply and interview, you may want to look at the company’s dress code. Find out if the company you are interviewing with has any rules about facial hair by doing some research on them. Here are some places you can look to see if an employer allows facial hair:


  • Social media: If you look at a company’s professional social media sites or the pages of its employees, you can find out if facial hair is okay or not. If a lot of people’s profile pictures show beards or other facial hair, it’s safe to assume that the company doesn’t have a rule or culture against beards.
  • Website of the company: Not all companies, especially new or small ones, have professional social media pages. But newer and smaller companies often have a lot of pictures of their employees on their websites, which can help you figure out if the company is beard-friendly or not.
  • Even if it’s okay with your current employer for you to have facial hair, the job you’re applying for may have stricter rules. Some jobs with stricter rules are those where you cook or handle food, work with machines or wear a mask, deal with sick people or patients, or do any other job where a beard might get in the way.
  • Age and size of the company: Most small start-ups don’t have a human resources department, so there may not be any rules about how people should look. But if you want to work in customer service or another job where you talk to people, it might be better if you don’t have facial hair.
  • Location: If you’re looking for a job in your area or want to move, different places may have different rules. For instance, beards are popular in cities and many industries, but some conservative suburban areas might not like facial hair at work.
  • It might be hard to decide whether or not to shave your beard or other facial hair, but try to think about everything. Keep in mind that you can always change your facial hair in the future. If you can’t decide if facial hair is okay, shaving might be a good idea.

Why is shaving important before an interview?

It can be hard to know where to start when you’re looking for a new job. This includes doing research on jobs and companies, making a good first impression, and getting an interview. Try to look like a pro if you want to do well in this process. To look professional, you may need to tuck in your shirt, wear a tie, and sometimes style your facial hair in a certain way. Whether or not you should shave your face for an interview depends on many things, like the company’s rules, your possible role in the company, and the industry you want to work in.

If having facial hair could keep you from getting the job, you might want to shave. You don’t have to shave for the next interview if you don’t get the job after the first one. And if you pass the interview and get the job, you can talk to your coworkers, the boss, or human resources about growing a beard. If having a beard is against the rules, you did the right thing by shaving before the interview. But if your beard looks good, you might decide to let it grow out for a more professional look.

How to get a good-looking beard

If you think your beard or other facial hair is appropriate for an interview, you might want to have a professional groom it. You should wash and cut your facial hair at the same time every week. If you want to keep your beard for an interview or any other reason, here are some things to think about:

Be sure to wash your beard often and put conditioner on it.

You can keep your beard clean by washing it. You can wash and condition it with a gentle shampoo or a product made just for beards to keep it from getting dry and brittle. After you wash your hair, use a conditioner. Rinse and massage your beard in between washes, and change how often you wash it to fit.

Oil and balm are good for your beard.

Beard oil helps keep your hair and skin moist when you use it regularly on your facial hair. Know that a small amount of something can change a lot. Add balm to your beard and style it however you want to keep the moisture in and look good.

Take facial hair off.

Depending on how fast your hair grows, trim it once a week with grooming scissors to keep it in shape and get rid of stray hairs. If you don’t feel comfortable cutting it yourself, a barber can do it for you and give you tips on how to style it in between visits. A barber can trim your beard, mustache, or any other facial hair so that you always look professional.

Brush your hair onto your face.

At the end of your routine, brushing your beard may help stimulate the production of natural oils and spread any extra products evenly. Keep a small comb in your desk or car so you can look neat all day. Make it a habit to brush your beard often so it looks good at work.

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