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The Best Questions and Answers for the Wipro Interview

The Best Questions and Answers for the Wipro Interview

Wipro is a technology company with its main office in India. Hiring managers and people in charge of human resources at the company ask people who want to work for Wipro a number of common technical and general questions. Learning these questions and how to answer them will help you feel more confident during the interview and show the recruiter that you are the best candidate. Answers for the Wipro Interview

In this article, we look at some of the most common questions Wipro interviewers ask and give examples of how to answer them.

What to expect at an interview with Wipro

The hiring process is the same for everyone, whether they just finished school or have been working in IT for years. The first step in the hiring process is an aptitude test, which asks candidates to answer questions about how they think. If you do well on the Wipro test, you will probably be asked to come in for an interview. Wipro often has campus interviews for freshmen at their college. Most of the time, candidates with more experience are interviewed over video conferencing or at the Wipro office near them.

In the first interview, your technical skills will be tested. The interview is a human resources interview to see how well you fit in with the Wipro team and how much experience you have. When a college hires a new student, the test of skills and the interview usually happen on the same day. For people with more experience, the process may take longer.

Sample answers to the most-asked Wipro questions

Here are some of the most common questions asked at Wipro interviews and some ideas for how to answer them. Think about how you could change these sample answers to fit your own skills and experience as you prepare for your interview with Wipro.

  • What’s the difference between a Java StringBuffer and a Java StringBuilder?
  • What do you think is the best way to make sure that users are really who they say they are?
  • You want to work at Wipro, but why?
  • How much do you know about working with C++?
  • Are you okay with moving around?
  • What’s the difference between Java’s StringBuilder and StringBuffer?

Wipro asks you this question to see how well you understand one of the most popular programming languages, Java.

Example: “StringBuffer was made before StringBuilder. Since StringBuffer is synchronized, it takes more memory and time to run programs that use it. StringBuilder was made so that it could be used in place of StringBuffer. It is not thread-safe because it is not synchronized, so you can only use it in places where StringBuffer is used by only one thread. Most of the time, though, it is faster.”

2. What do you think is the best way to make sure users are really who they say they are?

Wipro asks this question to see how well you know how to keep users safe from hacking and other cyber threats. To answer this question, you have to realize that it depends on the circumstances. Then, you can write down a few ways to make user authentication stronger, along with their pros and cons. This method shows that you know everything there is to know about user authentication and its problems.

Example: “There are a few good ways to make user authentication stronger, but each method has its own pros and cons. Before choosing the best method, I would have to think about a number of things, such as the type of transaction, the users, and the industries they work in.

Two-factor authentication is often a good choice because users who don’t know much about technology can use it easily, and it’s cheap for businesses to set up. However, it is not immune to malware attacks and other cyber threats. Cybercriminals can also get around the authentication on some systems by using account recovery features. Physical things could also be lost or stolen, like the phone to which a text message will be sent.

I like biometric authentication because our eyes, voices, and fingerprints are such unique and personal parts of our bodies. Some of these things could be copied, but it wouldn’t be as easy as copying a password. Biometric authentication is also very expensive to set up, so it might not be a good solution for some businesses.

Why would you like to work at Wipro?

Wipro asks this question to find out why you want to work there and how much you know about the company. To answer this question, talk about what you’re looking for in your career and how you think Wipro could help you get it. Try to use specific information about Wipro to show that you have done research on the company.

“I want to work for a company that has a track record of being innovative and successful. I’m impressed that Wipro has been in business since 1945 and has offices in more than 50 countries around the world. When I think about how much technology has changed since the 1940s, I know that Wipro would not have been able to do well if it didn’t accept change. I think it would be a place where I could learn a lot and have a lot of challenges and chances to grow.

I also like that Wipro thinks that its people are its most valuable asset. It seems to have a great company culture where employees are treated like family. I’d love to be a part of a group that has such good ideas.”

4. How much have you worked with C++ before?

If the job you are interviewing for requires you to work with C++, Wipro will probably ask you this question. Your answer would help the interviewer figure out if your skills are the same as or better than those of the people you might work with and if you can work on your own with C++. To answer this question, you should start by talking about your most recent C++ experience. You can then give examples of work you’ve done in the past to give a fuller picture of your C++ work.

Example: “In my most recent job as a software engineer, which I’ve had for five years, I use C++ to update old code and add new features. But I learned about C++ for the first time when I was getting my Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering. As part of our course work, we used C++ to make a computer game that was like a life simulation. That taught me to write C++ code from scratch instead of making changes to code written by other people.

5. Do you feel at ease when you move?

Wipro asks this question to find out if you would be willing to work at one of its other offices in the United States or elsewhere in the world. Don’t worry about how answering this question honestly might affect your chances of getting a job. Give a clear reason for your answer so the interviewer can get a better idea of your personal situation.

Example: “I would much rather work at the Wipro office near me. My two kids are in middle school, and I think it would be best for their education if they stayed where they are. My partner’s job is also going well. All of our friends and family live in this neighborhood. If I were single, I would have been open to moving, but at this point in our lives, stability is very important to us.

Advice for your interview with Wipro

To do well in a Wipro interview, you need to give answers that are confident and well-thought-out. There are a number of things you can do to improve your chances of getting a job at Wipro. On the day of your Wipro interview, do these things:

  • Dress in a businesslike way. When you wear formal clothes, you make a good impression. If you look nice and dress professionally, your interviewer will probably think you would be a good fit for their company.
  • Get there 15 minutes early for your interview. Arriving early could help you feel more at ease and give you time to look over your resume and the Wipro company profile again so you can remember them for the interview.
  • Greet the interviewer. When you meet the person who will be interviewing you, shake their hand firmly and say your name.
  • Use a good attitude with your body. During your interview, show that you want the job by sitting up straight, making eye contact, and smiling.

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