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Why Do Employers Ask These Strange Interview Questions?

Why Do Employers Ask These Strange Interview Questions?

Some questions will be basic and straightforward, but others may be difficult or unusual. Preparing ahead of time for some of these uncommon interview questions will help you build a good response. This article explains why organizations ask unusual interview questions and gives six examples of unusual interview questions with sample responses.

Why do interviewers ask such weird questions?

For a variety of reasons, employers may ask strange interview questions. First and foremost, the interviewer is interested in how you deal with the unexpected. For example, if you are prepared with rehearsed responses, hearing the question, “If you were a dog, which breed would you be, and why?” may come as a surprise.

Aside from your CV and standard interview questions, unusual interview questions are provided to help the firm become more acquainted with your characteristics and attributes. Interviewers frequently ask unique questions to ascertain whether candidates will fit in with the rest of the team and the corporate culture.

Employers may sometimes pose unique interview questions in order to evaluate an applicant’s critical and analytical thinking skills. The company is not looking for a precise answer if you are asked to provide the total square miles of land in California, for example. The employer is curious about how you evaluate the response.

Always give honest and professional responses to any questions addressed during an interview.

Unusual interview questions and reactions

During a job interview, it is vital to be prepared for anything. In most circumstances, there is no correct or incorrect answer to unusual interview questions. Nonetheless, here are some unique interview questions and sample responses:

  • “Do you like to hunt or gather?”
  • “What would you bring if you were stuck on an island with only three items?”
  • “You’re a new crayon in the box; what color do you want to be and why?”
  • “With which animal do you identify the most?”
  • “What would you do if you found out you won $50 million in the lotto the next day?”
  • “What superpower would you wish to have if you were given one?”

1. Do you enjoy hunting or gathering?

This question allows your interviewer to understand about your strengths and limitations. To respond to this question, try to personalize your answers to the position’s criteria. Hunters are more aggressive and assertive, making them good candidates for positions of leadership. Gatherers are multi-taskers who thrive in gathering information and data.

For example, “I am a gatherer.” I’m good at gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data. My attention to detail is meticulous. I am a multitasker who can see the broad picture while juggling a variety of day-to-day obligations.”

2. If you were shipwrecked on an island and could only bring three objects, what would they be?

An interviewer may ask you this question to gauge your level of creativity and inventiveness. This question also allows the employer to learn about the parts of your life that are most important to you. Your solution should demonstrate both your creative side and your ability to overcome adversity.

For example, “I’d bring a laptop, a solar-powered generator, and a lighter.” I’d work on the laptop and connect with family and friends. The solar generator would power the laptop’s battery. With the lighter, I’d start a fire for warmth and food.”

3. What color would you be if you were a new crayon in the box, and why?

This question allows the employer to see the characteristics and attributes that define your personality. Your response should reflect your own personality and showcase your inventiveness. You may even surprise the interviewer by responding with an unexpected word, such as “glitter” or “clear.” In either situation, you will discuss what that color means to you and how it represents you.

“I’d be a mix of purple and aqua.” Purple is a soothing and peaceful color, but aqua is a vibrant and eye-catching color. In the workplace, I can contribute ideas while remaining calm under duress. My internship experience also demonstrates my leadership ability.”

4. With which animal do you identify the most?

This question allows the organization to examine your creativity as well as your capacity to think fast and thoughtfully. In your response, you can talk about your abilities, traits, and moral character.

“A horse because horses are strong and capable of performing the activity alone or as part of a team.” They are also fast learners who can adapt to any situation.”

5. What would you do if you won $50 million in the lotto the next day?

Employers ask this question to learn why you want the job. Companies look for candidates who are interested in the work rather than just the compensation during an interview. Your response to this question should reflect your genuine interest in the position, regardless of financial considerations.

“I would spend the $50 million on vacation, philanthropy, and providing for my family,” for example. Nonetheless, I am interested in working for this group. I’ve always enjoyed working in this industry, and I believe this company and I are a great fit. If I am successful here, I believe I will be a wonderful asset to the team. So, while $50 million would be nice, it would have no impact on my professional goals.”

6. Which superpower would you choose if you could have any?

This question is asked by employers to measure your leadership ability. Another way to think about this is, “Would you rather be in the spotlight or behind the scenes?” Employers desire employees who will fit in with the corporate culture and contribute to the team. Any response to this question should emphasize teamwork and your abilities.

“I’d rather fly because I enjoy being in command and taking the initiative on assignments.” I can work independently, but I also prefer working as part of a team.”

Suggestions for Additional Interviews

It is acceptable to ask for a moment to gather your thoughts before answering to a challenging topic during an interview. When weird interview questions are posed, take your time, answer thoroughly and thoughtfully, and be honest.

You can prepare ahead of time by practicing your responses to unique interview questions. It’s also a good idea to ask others in your industry whether they were asked any strange questions during their interviews, since they may have insight into how they responded to the subject.

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