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“Why do you want to be a chemical engineer?” is a common interview question.

“Why do you want to be a chemical engineer?” is a common interview question.

Chemical engineers are experts who test substances and materials to come up with new products. When you go for an interview for a job in chemical engineering, the hiring manager may ask you why you want to be a chemical engineer. If you want to work in chemical engineering, learning how to answer important questions can help. In this article, we’ll talk about why employers want to know why you want to be a chemical engineer. We’ll also show you how to answer the question and give you some examples to help.

Companies want to know why you want to become a chemical engineer.

Good interviewers ask questions that help them find out more about you and what motivates you. They could ask you this to find out what you like. From this question, they can also learn more about your career goals and plans for the future. The way you answer this question can tell the hiring manager a lot about how you talk and how well you can communicate.

How to answer “Why do you want to be a chemical engineer?”

Here are some things you can do to answer this question well in an interview:

1. Start with a story

Depending on why you want to be a chemical engineer, it might be a good idea to tell a story about how you became interested in this field. This can help you stand out and make a good impression on the hiring manager. For example, you could write about a close relative who was a chemical engineer and who inspired you. You could talk about how a chemical engineering product, like anti-fire technology or biomaterials, has improved your life or helped you get a job.

Example: “When I was an intern at a tech company while I was in college, some of the equipment in the server room caught fire. They set up a system that put out fires quickly and didn’t hurt any of the technology. I was so surprised by what I saw that I wanted to find out more about it. I learned about the field of chemical engineering in this way.”

2. Talk about the things you enjoy.

Telling the hiring manager how much you love chemical engineering might be a good idea. If you don’t have anything else to guide your career, you can tell a story about it or start with it. Talk about what you like best about chemical engineering and why you are interested in it. This will show how much you care. You can think about the skills and traits you already have that will help you learn chemical engineering and do it well.

Example: “I’m a very curious and risk-taking person, and I love that chemical engineering lets us make new things that can help people’s lives. I started college as an engineering major, but I switched to chemical engineering when I realized how interesting chemistry is. Since then, I’ve been getting better at what I love, and I hope to get a degree in chemistry someday.”

3. Tell us what you want to do.

You can also talk about your career goals to show why you are interested in chemical engineering. Telling the hiring manager how being a chemical engineer helps you reach important professional and personal goals can help them understand what motivates you. For example, you can talk about how being a chemical engineer helps you make something new or solve a big problem.

Example: “From what I’ve learned, I think it might be possible to make a substance that can help people keep a certain temperature inside without needing extra clothing or protection. This kind of material could be very helpful for space travel, scientists who work in very cold places, and people who work in very hot places. My career goal is to make this substance and get a patent for it so that everyone can use it. If I become a chemical engineer, I can work toward this goal.”

4. Focus on your value

You can talk about why chemical engineering interests you and what you can do for the company. You can do this by talking about what you’ve done well in the past and what you’ve brought to other jobs. If you talk about how you can help the company do well in your answer, the hiring manager will think well of you.

Example: “At my last job, I was part of a group that made a new kind of glue for airplanes. When we finally figured out that the glue could be used instead of some other options that aren’t as good for the environment, our team had a party. I like being a chemical engineer because I get to work on products and projects like these, and I want to keep getting better at my job with this company so I can move up in the field.”

Some answers to the question “Why do you want to be a chemical engineer?”

Here are some examples that will help you answer this question in an interview:

Example 1

“After college, my uncle became a chemical engineer. He was the first member of my family to graduate from college. I used to go to work with him and learn more about how things were done in the lab. He gave me a small chemistry set to play with when I was young. I’ve always been interested in science, and I love how many different jobs people can do in this field.”

Example 2

“I love to try new things and make medicines that can help people and make their lives better. I wanted to work for this company because I think your methods make it easier for people in medicine to come up with new ideas. I love helping people, but I didn’t want to become a doctor, so I thought that chemical engineering with a focus on pharmaceuticals was the next best thing.”

Example 3

“I want the work I do to help improve technology. I’ve always liked working with and using computers and other devices, and I think our work can help people who work in technology make machines that are faster and stronger. I helped make a cooling substance for gaming PCs that lets them run powerful games without getting too hot at one of my old jobs.”

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