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“Why do you want to work here?” the interviewer inquires.

“Why do you want to work here?” the interviewer inquires.

At any time during the interview process, potential employers may ask you why you want to work for them. There are alternative ways to phrase this question, such as:

  • “What inspires you to work here?”
  • “What makes you want to work for us?”
  • “What motivated you to apply for a job with this company?”

You must be prepared to explain why the firm and role stimulate your interest and excitement, regardless of how the interviewer phrased the question. The best responses will discuss the organization’s culture, mission, and vision, as well as how these factors relate to your personal skills and career goals. Doing a lot of research and arranging your talking points ahead of time is the greatest way to ensure your answer is memorable.

We’ll go over how to react to the interview question “Why do you want to work here?” and look at some examples of responses in this post.

What do you say when asked, “Why do you want to work here?”

Consider the following ways for preparing for the common interview question, “Why do you want to work here?”

1. Look into the company’s website.

Recruiters and hiring managers ask this inquiry to assess how much research you’ve done on the company. An eager candidate is not only familiar with the company, but has also examined its history, background, and mission statement.

Begin by studying the corporate website, paying special attention to the “About Us” and “Careers” sections, which usually disclose information about the company culture. Learn about the company’s products or services, customers, and any notable achievements or awards. If the company has a blog, read a few posts and pay attention to the brand voice, topics covered, and repeating themes.

2. Examine the company’s social media accounts.

Keep an eye on what the company posts on social media, especially key industry news and client comments or criticism. Remember to look through the Indeed Company Reviews page to see photographs, hear about benefits, and read about what current and former employees loved best about their jobs. Make a note of any information that is exciting, entertaining, or relevant to your own professional goals and reflect on it in your response.

3. Look at the job description.

The interviewer wants to make sure that you understand the role you’re interviewing for and all of the duties that come with it, in addition to being informed and excited about the organization. Although you most certainly read the job description before applying, go over it again, paying special attention to details about what makes the company a great place to work and specific job tasks.

4. Create a list of your favorite features of your job.

Then, make a list of your career objectives. Compare the lists and assess how the role will help you achieve your goals. When responding to the interviewer, emphasize components of the job description that correspond to your professional goals and duties that would allow you to put your best skills to use.

5. Identify your core values.

Employers can understand why you are a good fit for the job if you concentrate on your professional objectives and core values and look for parallels with those of the organization. Consider the following questions if you are unsure of your essential values:

  • What kind of work atmosphere do you want to be in?
  • What factors, in your opinion, lead to good, healthy relationships?
  • What qualities do you admire in your role models?
  • What motivates you?
  • What characteristics do you wish to develop in yourself, both professionally and personally?
  • What attributes would you require to achieve your future goals?
  • Responses to the question “Why do you want to work here?”

1st Exemplification

“I’ve been working in the tourism industry for almost five years. I’ve widened my customer service experience, and I’m excited to put it to use with a global corporation that loves its employees and is frequently recognized one of the best places to work in town. I enjoy working with people, and I am especially pleased that this role will allow me to put my linguistic skills to use in communicating with customers from all over the world. My long-term goal is to move to a position of leadership in customer service, and I know that having the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and improve my skills will help me get there.”

Exemplification No. 2

“Despite the fact that your company has been in operation for decades, you have never wavered from your goal of providing people with a comfortable and memorable travel experience. The company has always been forward-thinking, using technology to improve the customer experience. Your app is regarded as one of the best in the travel industry, and you’ve garnered some of the industry’s most prestigious awards year after year. When I began looking for a new job, I looked specifically for companies that respect integrity, charity, and innovation, and your organization is at the top of the list.”

third illustration

“I’ve been a long-time buyer of your products.” I’m always impressed by the cutting-edge technology and outstanding user experience it provides. A few months back, I had a problem and called customer service. The employee I spoke with was pleasant, courteous, and informed. I remember thinking at the time that your company must be a pleasant place to work. When I saw the chance for the Product Manager position, I decided to study more about your company’s beliefs and culture, which validated my intuition that this is a place where I’d like to work. I’d like to progress my career with a company that places a premium on user experience and innovation.”

fourth illustration

“I am impressed by your company’s dedication to staff development and advancement.” My acquaintance works in your marketing department, and she has always praised your company for its excellent employee treatment. I’d like to work for a company that inspires and challenges its employees to be the best professionals they can be. You invest in your employees’ continuing education through education reimbursement, on-site training, and mentorship initiatives, according to my research. You also have a proven track record of industry leadership. I would be honored to improve my career at this organization.”

One of the most important interview questions is, “Why do you want to work here?” Your response allows the recruiter or hiring manager to gauge your level of interest while also demonstrating your expertise of the organization and role. You’ll leave the employer with a great impression if you provide the knowledge you’ve acquired from your study while also exhibiting real enthusiasm for the firm and sector.

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